Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I place a custom order? A: Orders can be placed in the bakery or over the phone. We suggest placing custom decorated orders in the bakery, if possible. It’s critical to capture the specific details involved in a custom design – this is easiest to do when we’re talking face to face. No email or voicemail orders please (Only for custom orders). Q: When do I need to have a custom order placed? A: Given the variability of demand, we never know exactly when we will reach our order capacity. As such, we suggest placing custom decorated orders one to two weeks in advance. Please place pastry and orders at least two days in advance. Often we are able to accommodate orders with a closer timeframe, so if you need a cake with short notice, please ask about availability. Q: Do you offer classes at your bakery? A: Sorry. We don't offer any kind of classes in our bakery. Q: Do you deliver? A: No. We don't deliver. Q: Do you ship? A: Currently we do ship some of our products. Give us a call if you have an inquiry. Q: Do you offer multi-grain products? A: Yes. We offer multi-grain products. Q: Will you bake or develop a recipe specific to my tastes and/or needs? A: Each of our recipes have been extensively tested and re-tested in our kitchen with our ingredients and our equipment. Given the time it takes to perfect a new product we are unable to specifically formulate or alter a recipe for an individual order. Q: Do you offer catering services? A: Yes we do offer outdoor catering services.

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